Privet Hedge

My privet hedge 2 years after planting and about 7 feet tall.

I love the privacy and the deep green of a tall privet hedge wall, trimmed to perfection.  I am planning a trip to England and one of the things on my list is to see their hedges, and of course the English Gardens inside the walls!  I planted baby privet plants until I ran out of money.  It certainly is hard work trying to dig in this rocky soil.  It seems like every hole has a big rock in it!  I’m working towards growing the hedge taller to primarily keep out the deer so I can put in a raised bed of vegetables.  But it’s nice to have some privacy from my human neighbors too!  Below is a picture of the hedge when I first planted it and above is what it looks like two years later.  I’ve started yet another row, all slightly bigger plants than these baby plants, costing a lot more but fewer holes to dig!  I need to propagate!  So many things to do, so little time.

What they looked like as baby hedge planted in 2010.


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